Our Approach to Website Design

A huge part of any successful online marketing campaign is having the right website design. What is said about first impressions holds true especially for the highly competitive internet market where you have a brief moment to capture and hold on to a visitor’s attention. You only get one chance to make that first impression and we can help you capture those vital visitors when they see your website.

At Website Medic, we specialize in creating the right website design specifically intended to market your goods or services, and not only capture, but maintain the attention of your visitors and promote multiple page navigation. Part of making a lasting impression is being well branded and making a great first impression. We offer logo design and production for our ongoing clients and we work closely with you to ensure the look and feel of your website correctly represent your business.

Customizable Designs

Lower Your Bounce Rate

Have you ever attempted to visit a website on your handheld device or desktop computer and waited for lengthy periods of time for the site to load only to have a poor hard to read rendering when it finally did. At Website Medic, we are well versed in providing a great user experience and we prepare all of our clients to face the constantly changing market from a technology standpoint.

The first impression has to be confidence building and solicit a positive response or your business will suffer. Take a look at just a few of the website designs we have created with the mobile renderings that prioritize and pay the most attention to the vital messages of your webpage. Now take a look at your site and call us if we can help you make the lasting impression that will help you grow your business.

Consumer Patterns Have Changed

How do people find goods and service providers today? The landscape of this pattern has changed perhaps the most of any of our information sources thanks to the internet and the hand-held devices society now lives with as a way of life. Add laptops and tablets to the mix and it would seem that literally, everyone will have access to the internet over the next few years. We feel that this trend will continue to grow over the next decade leaving all other referral sources far behind.

Is your company prepared to compete with this type of growth and capture a fair share of the available business or will it go to your competition? While there may be a great value in getting a direct referral from a trusted family member or friend, especially for a doctor or lawyer, there may be a similar value in the numerous reviews and ratings available for a provider that may give a broader view of the services one can expect. Its time to get on board with the growing appeal of the internet and Website Medic can help!

Mobile Traffic Growth

Have you ever seen a group of people sitting around on cell phones not communicating with each other? Just a few years ago this was not the case and is a direct result of the massive growth mobile smartphones has made, and the growth will continue. Well, its not a foregone conclusion your website looks good or renders correctly on a mobile phone and for the savvy users, it will quickly send someone looking for a better website to get information or help from. How does your website look and load on mobile and can users find a way to contact you? Is the most important information prioritized and does it offer easy navigation?

At Website Medic, we specialize in making sure your website is mobile friendly and ready to meet today’s changing requirements for efficiency and load speed which is a growing metric for major search engines. Mobile devices interact with cellular signals that offer a different set of challenges and can greatly slow down your performance. Call Website Medic today and let us evaluate the performance of your website today.

Perfect Rendering on All Devices

Today, almost half of all internet searches are conducted on mobile or tablet devices, and how your website renders and the information easily attained can be vastly different than on a conventional desktop computer. Have you looked at your website on all devices in a variety of internet browsers to see what is really showing to your potential clients?

Not only is the actual rendering important, how efficient and fast your website loads and response time can greatly affect viewer retention as well as placement in the search engine rankings. If your business is not ready to compete on the largest and fastest growing medium available you need to get help. Get started with a free website analysis today!

Fast Load Speed is Critical

Have you ever waited for a lengthy period of time for a website to load or complete loading after it starts? If you haven’t you may be the only one and it is very frustrating. For websites that load slowly, there may be hope but it is often a complex set of reasons this happens from excessively large pages, images, bad coding and a host of other reasons that may cause people to reverse their decision to visit a website and hit the back button. If you are paying for these visitors through a CPC campaign it is simply money wasted not to mention it sends your bounce rate through the roof.

Load speed is a focus of most search engine metrics and they will penalize websites for providing a poor user experience by placing them down in the search results where they will not be seen allowing more efficient and user-friendly websites to be found. Remember, the user experience is very important for Google, Yahoo and Bing and a greater push for faster loading websites has been made in more recent times and the judgment of the speed is down to milliseconds. How does your website load and is this one of the issues holding you back?

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