Issue Result

Adwords PPC Optimization

Studied all analytics and refined all ad campaign strategies resulting in an 85% improvement in total potential customers reached.

Toxic Link Cleanup

Cleaned up over 2,500 anchor text and toxic inbound links which removed search engine penalties and restored and eventually improved the website’s position.

Multiple Addresses & Phone Numbers

Business went from not appearing in map searches to coming up for their proper geographical area after cleanup of incorrect map data

Business Moved

Proactively worked to get all map data updated quickly resulting in a temporary drop in map appearances which then returned to normal levels

Change in Focus Service

Changed focus of target website and achieved results in new service area within a few months resulting in improved ROI for client

Stuck on Page 2 of Organic Results

Performed competitor analysis, came up with action plan, executed on plan moving to first page within four months

Google Penalty

Website was under penalty.  Worked to address issues pointed out by Google.  Resubmitted for reconsideration and got penalty removed

Slow Loading Website

Client had slipped due to load speed issues.  Rebuilt website to be lighter, load faster and have its own mobile site which lead to 18% increased traffic

Incorrect Pages

Pages not tagged and identified properly to search engines.  Organized and updated pages creating 21% more reach

Content Issue

Lack of content made pages appear of low quality to Google.  Developed more content with client.  Updated full website and grew new business by 7%

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Developed, launched and optimized ad campaign promoting brand awareness to 15,000 targeted age and geography Facebook users

Partner Left Firm - Start New Business

Required new domain, new website, new business listing and sustained SEO marketing effort building new book of business for new firm

Cannot Overtake Competitors

Diagnosed website and map issues.  Developed action plan and executed and were able to overtake competition

Duplicate Content

Significant issue with redundant web pages and content similarities.  Cleared up all issues and starting moving up in search results

Content Scraping

Content was being stolen by other websites.  Found scraper sites, notified Google and corrected the issue.

Incorrect Map Radius

Corrected geographic coordinates and all mixed signals that were being sent to Google Maps.  Correct issue and started generating fresh leads from Maps.

Web Spam

Overuse of keywords from former SEO company.  Corrected each webpage and began sustained marketing effort to recover from spam penalty.

Organic Rankings Continue to Slip

Client not investing in SEO and was overtaken by competitors.  Developed SEO plan and recovered lost search rankings.

Poor User Experience

Users were leaving website right away creating high bounce rates.  Marketing spend was wasted as a result.  Rebuilt entire user experience reducing bounce rates by 34%.

Low Conversion Rate

Potential clients were not taking action on website (contact form or phone call) wasting marketing spend.   Improved customer experience which addressed the issue.

Low Adwords Quality Score

Ads ineffective due to low assessment from Google on relativeness of webpages to ads.  Updated website, ad campaigns and ads which addressed the issue.

Not Mobile Friendly

Website not loading for mobile users. Created new mobile version resulting in 32% increase in mobile traffic, time on site and pages viewed by visitors.

Images Not optimized

Website penalized for load speed issues related to high resolution images.  Diagnosed issue and corrected.

Paid Traffic Google Penalty

Website got 45,000 users from unknown source in Russia over two month period from former SEO company.  Went into penalty status.  Worked with Google to remove penalty returning website to prior traffic levels.

Spam Blog Comments

Website’s blog was loaded with tons of comments that included lots of unrelated outbound links.  Cleaned up all comments and blocked that feature.

Outbound Link Issue

Client had over 100 outbound links per web page sending “link farm” spam signals to search engines.  Redesigned page structure reducing outbound links by 63%.

Stuck on Page 2 of Organic Results

Former SEO company unable to move client from page 2 of search results.  Moved client to page 1 in 4 months.

Google Penalty

Google dashboard showed site under penalty.  Worked through numerous issues removing penalty within 100 days.

Slow Loading Website

Client had poor website design and was unable to increase traffic.  Redesigned lighter and faster loading version which grew page views per visitor by 65%.

Incorrect Pages

Company had many pages that were incorrect creating confusion for Google on where to place business in search results.  Addressed issue resulting in targeted traffic increase of 44%.

Content Issue

Poor and incomplete content kept client on page 3-4 of search results.  Through collaborating with us new content was created.  Once implemented, client starting moving up in search results.

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