Our Organic SEO Overview

Though this may sound simple it has become a complex set of variables in determining who comes up for a web search. We are often asked, “How do I have my business come up when someone searches for a plumber in my city?” The answer is hiring a company that can manage these complex variables. Our goal is to manage your local SEO needs and let you focus on growing your business.

In today’s online market “local” businesses are being rewarded for establishing legitimate ties to their service area and for making positive connections and networking within their community and city. This is referred to as “local SEO” or “local search engine optimization”. We specialize in helping companies achieve a prominent position in the most trusted search engines used today and our service area is any city or town regardless of size or population in the United States.

What Are Organic Listings - SERPS

Very few people have not seen or used the SERPS – Search Engine Result Pages of at least one of the three most widely used sources today. Google, Yahoo, and Bing make up the vast majority of all searches conducted in the United States by those seeking anything from the answer to a trivia question to something far more serious like a medical professional or legal representation.

Over the past few years, the look and placement of some of the elements on these pages have changed but is basically comprised of three parts including paid advertisements -PPC, a Local Map with markers representing geographically positioned businesses and the Organic listings that general appear in the lower part of the page. What appears here has everything to do with the words and phrases typed in the search box and how they relate to the specific pages of the website.

You may have seen the numbers representing additional pages at the bottom of the Organic section that allows the user to navigate to the listings that did not make the first page. Our Search Engine Optimization focuses on preparing your website to capture internet searchers looking for your product or service with a goal of attaining a top position among the SERPS. Rising to the top and making a presence depends on how strong that sites position is versus the competition.

Organic Results Create Trust

When it comes to branding and recognition, Google, Yahoo and Bing are among the most well-known names in any business. We go to them for a wide myriad or reasons and they have built trust in their services over a number of years by constantly refining the quality and legitimacy of their listings. It is with that same trust that we search do searches for goods and services with the assumption that the best websites and providers have risen to the top.

Is the lawyer on the top of page one better at practicing the law than the lawyer on page 3 or 4, and will they help you in time of crisis? In most cases, it may not matter as the searcher may not ever make it past the first page and rarely past the second page when looking for many goods and services. The simple fact is we trust and assume the listings at the top are there for a reason, and they are. They have the best websites that fulfill the requirements of the algorithm. At Website Medic, we help position your website where it will be seen which will naturally build consumer confidence in your business

Why is Organic SEO Important

When it comes to the value of a position in the SERPS, the most valuable is the Organic as it is often the hardest to achieve and occupies the most real estate on the results page. While maps positioning can rely on your actual physical position to goods and service providers and paid PPC advertising can be manipulated to some extent with bids and budget, the organic listing relies the most on a well-planned SEO game plan and they usually hold their position over a longer period of time. Websites in prominent positions are visited far more with that first-page placement as the graph to the left will show.

The efforts made here can also spill over into all three positions on the SERPS page as the quality score of a website or specific page can greatly affect the position of your advertisement and how often it is shown. Here we see the search engines protecting the quality of their listing and the user experience. To be successful on the internet there is simply no substitute for proper SEO and some time to be seen as a website in compliance.

Is Your Website In Compliance

Every so often the algorithm that prioritizes specifics about the indexing of websites changes and many websites fall out of compliance provided they were ever in compliance. Keeping in mind that the search engines want to create a quality and informative experience they constantly evaluate the legitimacy of their listings. If you are not playing by the standardized rules your website can be pushed way down or even de-listed.

We understand the requirements of the major search engines and how to not only abide by their requirements, we know how to save the lost websites that have been out of compliance probably since their beginning. At Website Medic we constantly work to fulfill the expectations of the major search engines and monitor the current and new requirements that can make or break your position.

Is SEO Ever Complete

At Website Medic, we stay on top of all algorithm changes made by the major search engines to make sure that we are doing everything we can to achieve top positioning for our clients. We continually audit our clients positioning, traffic levels and their competitors to make sure that all signals being sent are favorable and result in high rankings. We have found that there is not a quick way to simply “jump” to the front of Map or Organic results as some of the SEO providers will claim.

Our team of professionals works each month for clients to improve the signals being sent to Google/Yahoo/Bing. Now that so many competitors also employ SEO Agencies, it’s imperative that we do a better job than they do. It’s our belief that providing the highest quality service can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Call and talk with one of our specialists today!

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