What is PPC Advertising

The name of the game is visibility and placement when it comes to acquiring web traffic from the major search engines. Rising to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) can be a lengthy process especially for highly competitive keywords and markets.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can put you in a prominent position while your Organic search position improves and can even be used in conjunction with search ranking for maximum exposure. Website Medic can orchestrate and manage your Google Adwords or Bing Ads Pay Per Click advertising campaign without charging a percentage of your budget.

How Has Advertising Changed

One of the biggest changes for business owners over the past few years is the cost and breakdown of advertising and where to spend those precious dollars to get the best return on investment. As you can see from the statistics many options are dwindling or staying flat while the internet continues to grow. Why is that? The internet offers a quantifiable experience that all of the other mediums do not.

Most advertising involves production costs, advertising agencies, and a long-term commitment especially when you are running a general awareness campaign in costly print or television. We have all seen every form of advertising but who gets our business when someone is ready to buy goods or services and how do people find those providers today?

PPC & Website Stickiness

Our main focus with all of our PPC campaigns is to help your company maximize your budget for the best ROI. Setting up a well-planned PPC campaign that correctly represents your business is a great start but it is only part of what makes the process really work. The first impression is a vital part of the overall experience and our goal is to turn the site visit to a conversion and eventually new business.

Stickiness is a term that relates to how visitors react and engage with your website and the retention of that visitor. Remember you are charged when your advertisement is clicked and a person visits your website so keeping them there and offering them a clear message and the ability to easily contact you are vital to the success. It takes a great looking and informative website with a low bounce rate that sends the right message to really captivate the traffic you are paying for. At Website Medic, we create websites for desktop and mobile that offer the stickiness and customer conversions.

Costs Associated with PPC

Probably the best aspects of PPC advertising is the ability to change and adapt our efforts continuously to maximize your potential audience as well as your budget. Unlike all other forms of advertising, organic PPC campaigns have little to no production costs, can be scheduled for specific days and times, can be turned on and off and the ad itself can be changed, unlike printed materials. In addition, we can see the full array of statistics regarding the cost of the click, what was searched for and bounce rates to determine its effectiveness.

The costs of PPC advertising can and will vary depending on some key factors including your service area, keywords such as Defense Attorney or Roofer that may cost more than a pool cleaning service for example, and the competition level in the area you have chosen to show your ad. At Website Medic, we have conducted PPC campaigns in the largest markets in the US and can start and control your Google Adwords campaign at no additional cost with our ongoing plans.

Using Analytics to Maximize ROI

One of the most important aspects of any advertising campaign is the ability to track the results and how effective your message is as well as your conversion rate. Conventional forms of advertising generally rely on people asking “how did you find us”. Electronic media is different in several ways and the ability to understand how your budget is being spent as well as how visitors interact with your website is perhaps the best part of PPC campaigns.

Google Adwords is our preferred PPC platform of choice and they are very thorough when it comes to reports to show literally every aspect of your campaign. This can help our efficiency by allowing us to adjust budgets and other parameters for the ads and their placements depending on their success rate, conversion rate and how users interact with your website. Are users staying on your website, and is the contact form and phone calls being converted? This platform also syncs with Google Analytics and to give us a great view of how your campaign is performing.

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