Digital Marketing Services for Lawyers & Law Firms

Hope is Not a Strategy

If you are hoping internet searchers will simply find your website listing on Google Yahoo or Bing and call your business, we have news for you. It takes a well-orchestrated effort to make the valuable connection between people who are searching for a legal defense right now and the Lawyers and Law Firms that get that business.

Our Formula For Success

It’s time to turn your ongoing Digital Marketing strategy over to Website Medic! We will get your existing website or new “customized” website optimized for maximum success and prominent placement among the top search engines. We have seen the positive results our Full-Service Digital Marketing / SEO has on businesses and we can do the same for you.

Our Turnkey Services Include:

We leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients have the most comprehensive and up to date Digital Marketing plan available today. We know the value of continued education in our constantly changing arena and we work with the most recognized names specializing in Local Maps, Organic Search and Website Design development to ensure we are on the forefront of our industry. Our turnkey Digital Marketing plans are designed to give business owners and professionals time to run their businesses, take advantage of the most powerful marketing medium available today and position themselves to take business away from the competition.

  • Search Engine Compliance
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Set Up
  • Correct Business Identification
  • Business Profile to All Aggregators
  • Toxic Inbound Link Disavow
  • Outbound Link Clean Up
  • Local Maps Promotion
  • Image Optimization & Compression
  • On-Site Navigation Clean Up
  • On Page Text & Keywording
  • Create New Landing Pages
  • Fix & Update Coding Issues
  • Local Citation & Review Sites
  • Server & Hosting Support
  • Mobile Efficiency & Rendering
  • Load Speed Updates & Monitoring
  • Add / Delete Pages As Needed
  • Social Media Setup & Promotion
  • SSL Certificate Implementation
  • Secure & Encrypted Connection
  • Website Traffic Monitoring
  • CMS Updating & Monitoring
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Basic Visual & Aesthetic Changes
  • Industry Compliance & Standards
  • Assessment of Your Competition
  • 24 Hour “Live” Monitoring

You Need A Solid Plan

Give Your Business a Chance

The Internet is the most powerful tool to acquire “new business” and grow company revenues available today. Unlike other forms of marketing, it appeals to people in their time of need and the businesses with quality websites that are in prominent position capture the vast majority of these new clients. It is also the most cost-effective form of marketing and offers a real Return on Investment.

Put Your Website to The Test

Clear the cache/history on your computer and do a search for your main services or products on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you are a Defense Attorney specializing in DWI or Criminal Defense in Atlanta, type DWI Attorney or Lawyer in Atlanta in the search bar. If your website listing is nowhere to be seen you are losing money! How long can you afford to let this continue?

Where We Can Place Your Business

Pay Per Click Advertising

We work closely with Google AdWords & Bing Ads, the two most successful platforms available today. Our goal is to ensure the best value for our clients, highest quality leads and a successful conversion rate. PPC advertising allows your listing to appear among prominent search results and your website and the message it sends plays an integral role in Pay Per Click campaigns.

Local Maps Placement

Local Maps and trusted referral sites are a huge part of the search process in finding products and service providers in a designated area or in proximity to your current location. It is imperative to have an informative, complete and accurate profile to ensure your prominent position. There are more than a dozen sources of data that feed into the Local Map position and we focus on creating and promoting your business across the internet.

 Organic Search Results

Probably the most valuable place your website listing can appear is the first page of the organic Search Engine Result Pages – SERPS. It takes an ongoing and diligent effort to rise in the Organic listings and it simply comes down to doing a better job than the competitors and staying in compliance with the constantly changing requirements. Our main focus is to position our clients on the first page of Google Yahoo and Bing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “I built my legal practice with these
    guys, I highly recommend them
    for your business”
    Matt S
  • “I was very happy to get away
    from Findlaw and finally get some
    real personalized service”
    Gene T

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